QR Meet-Up: Saint Valentine’s Day MassQR

Posted on February 1, 2011


Saint Valentine’s Day MassQR

Singles Only

Saint Valentine's Day MassQR

Calling all singles…
Save the date!
Sunday, February 13th, 2011 @ 3:00 pm

Location: Robson Square, Vancouver

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Saint Valentine's Day MassQR

Saint Valentine's Day MassQR

Don’t miss out on the first ever Singles QR Meet-up in Vancouver!

You’ve heard about fabulous flash mob events at locations all around the world, seen the videos on youtube.com and perhaps even witnessed firsthand the the frenetic energy created when a large group arrives at a pre-determined spot to demonstrate, entertain, rally or hang out.

QR Meet-up is planning a special Valentine’s Day warm-up for singles in the lower mainland to hopefully catch a glimpse of Cupid and capture the hearts and QR codes of potential partners.

Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Go to BeQRious.com and create your own unique QR code that will direct people to your Facebook page, business or personal website, Myspace or unique URL.
  2. Print out copies of your QR code so that others can capture your code at the meet-up location.  You can print the code directly to a T-Shirt, hat, scarf… hand out stickers, hold a big sign with the QR boldly displayed… be as discrete or stealth as you like… or hand out flowers/candy/cards with your unique QR code attached.
  3. Post your QR code to the QR Meet-up Facebook page and watch for others to do the same
  4. Post your QR code and comments to this blog and share by tweeting, liking and posting.
  5. Promote the Saint Valentine’s Day MassQR to your single friends and colleagues.
  6. Check in at noon on February 13th for the announcement on the location for the Meet-up.
    (Note: Location will be a public space within a short walk of public transit and major transportation routes)
  7. Show up at the special location by 3:00pm  with your QR code clearly visible.
  8. Capture as many likely candidates as you can.
  9. Make sure that others can capture your code.
  10. Dress to impress or wear a silly costume.
  11. Reveal the unique person that you are, and look for that someone special that captures your eye or quickens your heartbeat… or makes you LAUGH!
  12. Use your Blackberry, iPhone, Android or SmartPhone with QR scanning software to capture the code of as many people as you can.

Need a scanner application for your phone?