A new twist on an old technology

Posted on February 8, 2011


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 8th, 2011

Saint Valentine’s Day MassQR – Singles Capture Hearts, Minds and Codes

Never before has QR code been used to market people but that’s exactly what’s going to happen at the Saint Valentine’s Day MassQR.  Singles from Metro Vancouver will gather at a secret “to-be-revealed” location on Sunday, February 13th at 3pm to capture the hearts, minds and codes of others. For FREE!

Transmedia Producer, Alison (Noni) Richards, is introducing the lower mainland to QR dating.  For lonely hearts looking for love, QR Meet-Up tackles an age-old challenge with Quick Response.  A self-proclaimed techno-geek, Ms. Richards spent fifteen years away from her native BC studying global culture.  Despite social restrictions and language barriers, singles around the world have the same goal; to seek companionship.  Upon her return to the Pacific Northwest, Alison Richards seized opportunity to update the dating game.

Putting a new twist on an old technology, Alison developed an opportunity for singles to instantly share their social media information for potential hook-up at a later date.  A secret location will be announced at noon on February 13th and by 3pm participants will converge on that spot wearing, carrying or displaying their unique 2D code.  QR (Quick Response) has been around since the 1994 and was initially used in Japan for inventory and tracking of auto-parts.

Marketing and promotions experts discovered that QR code was perfect for instant delivery of detailed information direct to consumers.  In the past few years QR code usage has exploded worldwide.  Once you’re aware of QR code, you start spotting it all over the place.  Wine labels, Real Estate signs, auto and boat shows and recently used by print publications (Vancouver Sun) to link readers to online versions complete with photos and videos.

QR Meet-Up isn’t just for singles.

Although the first event is geared to match prospects for Valentine’s Day, QR Meet-Ups can help connect any individuals with similar interests or backgrounds.  The next event is slated for St. Patrick’s Day and will cater to Irish beer drinkers.  QR Meet-up can also be found on Facebook.