Don’t Lose Results Because You Didn’t Do It Right!

Posted on February 18, 2011


Even though QR has been around since 1994 in Japan…
We’re just adopting it in North America so there are a few kinks to iron out.  The problem lies with the vast number of Free code generators, Scanning applications and variance in smart phones and camera capabilities.  Combine that with an end-user who isn’t too sure of exactly what to do… and the results can be way off target.

With QR (Quick Response) the intention is to achieve instant conversion. Like waving a magic wand and arriving at your destination, QR should deliver the user straight to the content.  (video, audio, webpage, dial a number, present a coupon, show a menu, enter a contest, etc, etc, etc)

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Tip #1 – Create Simple Code
The code at left was posted on a Cleveland news station website as part of a story on QR.  They had embedded 2 codes into the page and directed readers to scan for surprise bonuses.  The second code led to a 2-for-one coupon for a toboggan ride, but this one… I couldn’t get to register.  (And I’m a supposed expert!)  The reason for the scan malfunction is the density.  When you try to embed too much information more detail appears in the pattern creating a challenge for scanners and cameras.


If you want to convey a large amount of information, build a separate web page and link directly to it.  Use a URL shortener to keep the pattern as simple as possible for best effect.

Tip #2 – Use a Scanning Application suitable for your smart phone. Take the time to do a bit of homework on scan applications.  Read the reviews and look for recommendations for your phone make and model.  Different programs might compliment the OS (Operating Software) for your device more efficiently than the one your friend or colleague uses.  Certain scan code generators are proprietary and require proprietary readers.

Tip #3 – Make your Code Accessible & Understood Place the Code in location where it’s easy for people to capture it.  Avoid crowded areas (cashier counter) but make sure that traffic flow passes close by.  Keep in mind that lighting and glare can also affect capture results.  Place a note beside the QR that says “SCAN THIS WITH YOUR MOBILE DEVICE” or “SCAN HERE

Tip #4 – Be a QR Hero! QR code is invading our world.  What’s the sense of having it all around us if we don’t even know what it is?  Show your friends how to use it for themselves.  The sooner we all catch on, the sooner the advertisers will create more promotions that benefit us.  Not to mention that people are genuinely grateful to find out what QR is since they see it all the time but had no idea that it meant anything.

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