Interesting to see QR code splashed all over the NAB website.

Posted on March 3, 2011


Its funny that the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) needs to educate its annual conference attendees on a simple technology developed in Japan  in 1994.  Advertisers and marketing execs have taken 15 years to grasp the potential contained in QR code and are frantically playing a game of “catch-up” trying to get businesses and consumers to adopt its use.  Exposure at this years NAB Show should help that cause.

NAB Show

@NABShow Las Vegas, NV
NAB Show: the world’s largest digital media industry event.
April 9-14, 2011 : Las Vegas Convention Center.

Full story here: NAB – QR

Although QR code has been around for 15 years North Americans really aren’t that familiar with it.  When you ask people on the street they shake their heads… If you show them a code they have vague recollection of having seen it somewhere… but lately the media (TV, Print and Online) has begun to recognize that QR is making its way into our lives.  The trick now is in education.  How can people reap the hidden benefits of QR if they ignore it upon passing.  In this case, the NAB has used the QR as a way to present free conference passes to potential attendees.

They always give away passes, this year the NAB is doing it in a trendier way.