Not Your Average Walk in the Park – Code Green – March 20th, Robert Burnaby Park

Posted on March 4, 2011


Code Green: Not Your Average Walk in the Park

Technology meets hunter-gatherer in this QR and Geo-location race against the clock that will reveal the treasures and diverse activities available in our green-spaces while instilling the desire to utilize them responsibly.


Classification: Transmedia Game Experience

Rendezvous Point: Robert Burnaby Park (and adjoining George Derby lands)

Report for Duty:March 20st 2011, Spring Equinox.

Object: Primary focus – Fun.       Secondary focus – Edutainment, i.e. Fun!

Clearances: This is an all age’s event. It’s suitable for families and small groups (6 or less) or singles.

Requirements: Moderate physical health required.

Hidden Agenda:

Promote responsible use of green-space, create awareness for QR Meet-up, Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Challenge and Projecting Change Film Festival (all cool things to know about)

Mission: Hunt down and capture QR code with a web-enabled smart phone, solve puzzles or correctly answer questions, advance through the course.

Bonus: Acquire additional points for collecting photos of select species from most wanted list, arriving via public transit, bicycle or on foot and accumulating best poker hand.

Informant:*Watch this briefing (subscribe to this blog) for ongoing intelligence reports.