I Surrender! Drowning in a Sea of QR Information.

Posted on March 13, 2011


Whenever a new technology rises to the top of the trend charts it seems that many are on hand to blurt out their expertise on the subject. Lately that’s been happening with QR Codes. What most people don’t realize is that although unfamiliar to the public in North America, QR has been around since the mid 90’s.

At this point in history, I don’t really think it’s that important “What” QR is, but rather “How” you can use it. In order to truly understand the amazing possibilities of QR code in both business and personal realms, you need to get the facts straight.

Alison Richards of QR Meet Up is holding Get Cracking workshops where you can network with your peers and brainstorm relevant uses of this 2  dimensional wonder.

If you belong to a professional business organization, networking group or private club and want us to share our secrets with your tribe send an email with your request.  EMAIL