Whitecaps Win! QR Code Leads Fans to Chants.

Posted on March 19, 2011


Over 20,000 Vancouver fans welcomed the MLS (Major League Soccer)and the Vancouver Whitecaps to the season opener at the temporary fields at Empire Stadium.

In 1984 the league shut down due to lack of public support but today proved that Vancouver fans want soccer to stay. The new ownership spearheaded by Greg Kerfoot spent years fighting to get the team into the MLS from its former status in the USSF Division 2 team of the same name.

The fans were treated to clear skies, warm sunshine and an impressive win. The Whitecaps maintained a lead for most of the game and finished a comfortable lead of 4 to 2 over Toronto.

Upon entering the temporary stadium I was impressed to see a raincoat on each seat (thankfully not needed today) and a postcard with chants for the team printed on the back. Note the QR which links to a site for more.

I’m looking forward to watching more games this season and will make sure to learn the cheers so I can shout with the rest of the fans.

Go Whitecaps!