Day One – April 1st – 30 Zer0 Zer0

Posted on April 1, 2011


As a filmmaker I’m part of an industry that causes an incredible amount of waste. In the state of California, the film industry is the second largest polluter, following tight on the heels of the Petroleum Refineries.
We wanted to make sure that we as individuals, not only lived zero waste and zero impact, but as team on this project. Transportation is a huge part of the waste that the film industry. The logistics for transporting crew, cast and equipment to various locations is a concern for us each day. Today we are featuring a car co-op in Vancouver. We have an excellent Transit system with the Skytrain, buses, Seabus and park and ride stations, but sometimes you need a car.
Join us Live @ 5 to hear about our adventure today.

11:53PM – Going to turn off the lights and get some shut-eye. Day One was amazing.  alison richards