Day Two – 30 Zer0 Zer0 – Save Electricity, slept in…

Posted on April 2, 2011


This past week has been incredibly busy with last-minute prep, dealing with unforeseen glitches and an 18 hour a day schedule. So this morning I decided to save electricity by sleeping in. Some might argue that at this time of year we don’t need lights on in the morning so how could I be saving power? Well, it likely didn’t have much impact other than postponing the use of the computer, but it was nice to get a few hours of well deserved rest.

Today is another action packed day. The rain has stopped and hints of blue patches have appeared in the sky so I might spend some time out in the garden prepping my beds to plant some veggies and creating a compost for organic fertilizer later this summer.

Right now I’m sipping my tea and reading my emails but as soon as my computer time runs out (one hour each morning) I will sort through last weeks garbage to see exactly what my treasures my trash can holds.