Can Duct Tape Save the World – Or Will it Sit in the Landfills Forever?

Posted on April 5, 2011


Day Five – April 5th, 2011

Well, it’s officially after midnight and Day 5. I’m burning the midnight oil so to speak… what’s the carbon footprint on that? Actually, I’m sitting with my laptop on my knee and wondering how I made it through yet another day with near zero waste. Today I had a scrap of duct tape. I used it to secure my camera to the tripod for a weird angled shot. It wasn’t until I was taking off the tape that I realized what I had done.
Dang! If I had considered the consequences  I may have found an alternative to the sticky black wonder strip which is used for a multitude of fixes. Duct tape jokes abound and The Red Green Show is stuck on the handy staple. Red says “You only need 1 of 2 tools for most jobs. WD40 if it doesn’t move and it should, and Duct Tape if it moves and it shouldn’t.”
Because it has a cloth backing and strong adhesive glue it is NOT biodegradable. A company in the US, Tape Brothers, has started making Eco Tape that’s able to break down in landfills in about 15 years. That’s good to hear since there is enough duct tape sold each year to wrap around the equator 12.3 times.
I recovered a seat in my old Fiat Sport with silver duct tape and it worked beautifully. I guess if you’re using the tape to renew or reinforce something that’s damaged or broken then it serves a purpose. From now on I’ll think twice before I reach for the roll.

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