I made it to Day Nine with just a few scraps of waste!

Posted on April 9, 2011


I’m really happy with my results for the past week.  I still have only 2 small scraps in my garbage jar and hope to make it to the end of the month  without filling it. Yesterday while shooting outside, I had to put a piece of tape across the camera because it kept blowing off its perch. It devastated me, and I was pleasantly relieved when I found that the tape peeled away in a nice re-usable strip which is stuck to the side of the tri-pod for the next blustery day. I wonder how many times I can re-use it successfully before it actually turns to land-fill fodder? More about the evils of duct (gaff) tape on an earlier posting.

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It’s pretty amazing how this project has changed my way of looking at the world. I have to be completely conscious of my each and every move…

What I eat, how I travel, what I wear, my grooming and household chores…

I can’t say it will be as easy for everyone. Some of us are bigger consumers than others and reducing consumption and excess purchasing is key to lowering waste.  I’ve always been a water hog, having spent summers at my Grandparents farm in Saskatchewan I learned how precious each drop can be, especially during heat waves in August.

Starting with simple easy changes like turning off appliances and monitoring your water consumption. Try to be aware when you are making purchases. Do you really need it? How much packaging is there? Are there alternatives?

Don’t expect to change everything overnight. Choose a few key areas, (ones you know you can easily improve on) and focus on developing new eco-friendly habits.

I’d love to hear your insights and suggestions.

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