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Day 6 – Is it possible to be fashionable without being wasteful?

April 6, 2011


I may run into some trouble today. I hate shopping and avoid it unless absolutely necessary. Today I’ve scheduled to visit second-hand stores to supplement and refresh last years spring and summer wardrobe. The idea is to reuse and re-purpose clothes and limit excess purchasing. That’s easy with prices so high and pockets so empty. […]

Can Duct Tape Save the World – Or Will it Sit in the Landfills Forever?

April 5, 2011


Day Five – April 5th, 2011 Well, it’s officially after midnight and Day 5. I’m burning the midnight oil so to speak… what’s the carbon footprint on that? Actually, I’m sitting with my laptop on my knee and wondering how I made it through yet another day with near zero waste. Today I had a […]

Day Two – 30 Zer0 Zer0 – Save Electricity, slept in…

April 2, 2011


This past week has been incredibly busy with last-minute prep, dealing with unforeseen glitches and an 18 hour a day schedule. So this morning I decided to save electricity by sleeping in. Some might argue that at this time of year we don’t need lights on in the morning so how could I be saving […]

Day One – April 1st – 30 Zer0 Zer0

April 1, 2011


As a filmmaker I’m part of an industry that causes an incredible amount of waste. In the state of California, the film industry is the second largest polluter, following tight on the heels of the Petroleum Refineries. We wanted to make sure that we as individuals, not only lived zero waste and zero impact, but […]