QR Meet-Up is a revolutionary way to meet people by attending public or private events and displaying your unique QR code.  Participants capture code of attendees that interest them and can connect online later.  It’s perfect for networking, social gatherings, sporting events, concerts, and any place where people are meeting.

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  1. I work at Metro Vancouver supporting the Zero Waste Challenge to get everyone (residents, businesses and government) to work together to reduce trash. We’re looking at QR codes as a way to simplify our message and connect people on the spot to our reduce (http://bit.ly/fQcRm3) and recycle (http://bit.ly/i09bna) campaigns.

    I’m hoping that you’ll find these resources helpful and, if you do, that you’ll share them with people attending Code Green.

    Thanks for considering,


    • Thanks Peter!

      We’ve been looking at all sorts of options for QR and how to use it responsibly. I spent a great deal of time reviewing the Metro Vancouver website (via the links you supplied) and am pleased to reveal that we have similar agendas. Compliance is key to success of your initiatives and education is the way to get people rethinking the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle.

      The Zero Waste Challenge fits nicely into our strategy to promote responsible use of resources and become wise consumers. QR code is an ideal solution to outdated and wasteful methods to convey information (ie. paper)

      QR leads a trail, but not one on paper.

      QR Meet Up


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