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WIGGING OUT!!! Save the date 11/11/11

October 2, 2011



only 3 more days left!

April 28, 2011


Please be sure to visit the 30 Zer0 Zer0 website and read the archive pages for a recap of the past 27 days. I can’t believe I have only 3 days left! This has been a fantastic month.

Happy Earth Day! CODE GREEN: The Mission is a Go!

April 21, 2011

0 On Earth Day, Friday, April 22nd, 2011 you’re invited to meet us in the park for an adventure like you’ve never had before. Search for hidden QR tags, scan them with your web-enabled phone and discover how to help to keep our planet healthy. This is a FREE, family friendly event. Enjoy a day in Robert […]

Take Up The Challenge, Become a Zero Hero!

April 21, 2011


Take Up The Challenge, Become a Zero Hero!.

I made it to Day Nine with just a few scraps of waste!

April 9, 2011


I’m really happy with my results for the past week.  I still have only 2 small scraps in my garbage jar and hope to make it to the end of the month  without filling it. Yesterday while shooting outside, I had to put a piece of tape across the camera because it kept blowing off […]

Day Seven – Not Crying Wolf this time, Fashion Show Live @ 5

April 7, 2011


Yesterday I announced  my plans to go bargain hunting for a spiffy (is that word ever used anymore?) spring wardrobe at the second-hand store. I also promised a fashion show during my Live @ 5 webcast. Due to unforeseen scheduling adjustments, (Interview with the press, you can’t turn away the press!) neither of these events […]

Day 6 – Is it possible to be fashionable without being wasteful?

April 6, 2011


I may run into some trouble today. I hate shopping and avoid it unless absolutely necessary. Today I’ve scheduled to visit second-hand stores to supplement and refresh last years spring and summer wardrobe. The idea is to reuse and re-purpose clothes and limit excess purchasing. That’s easy with prices so high and pockets so empty. […]